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Archive for the ‘Online’ Category

Sydney Claxton and the Invention of Curvy Brat Buns

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI — It’s Father’s Day, 2010. I’m sitting in Connell’s Orchard shop chatting with 9-year-old Sydney Claxton, his father…

Ather Jameel of Kabob’s Indian Grill

So you’re strolling along Nicollet Mall and you get a little hungry. You enter Gaviidae Commons and take the escalator…

Sen Yai Sen Lek: the family behind the food

Behind the scenes look at a new Thai restaurant in Minneapolis.

The Tea Guy

Can you determine the type of tea you’ll like by the type of cheese you eat, the apples you prefer, maybe even the beer you drink? Bill Waddington can.

Slow Food Minnesota farmers return from Italian adventure

Local farmers talk about their Tierra Madre experience.

Why a Race Riot Erupted 100 Years Ago in Atlanta

An interview with Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University on 1906 riots.

Hole in the Wall Fish n’ Chips Hits the Spot

A look at the Seafood Market’s café options.

Let Them Eat Mail-Order Cake, Cheese, and Pudding

A survey of tasty treats you can send to your friends.

Break Your Child’s Mac ‘n Cheese Diet

Getting children to eat a variety of foods can be difficult — a nutrition expert shares helpful hints.

Pasties travel from mines to menus

A look at where to find pasties and what new spins restaurant are putting on this Upper Midwest traditional miner’s meal.