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Chinese Stir Fry: Looking for a New Cut?

I’ve been getting a bit of practice on a few different cuts by assisting Eleanor Hoh, who gives wok cooking classes in South Florida. I julienne vegetables,
wash and cut up bok choy (I was excited to see that my cut-up bok choy looks just like how it is in Chinese takeout), and slice the thinnest slivers of ginger you can imagine. My favorite is the way she has me slice up scallions using an “Asian cut” instead of a French one. They end up long and thin.

Eleanor has a basic marinade of tamari, sherry, white pepper, and corn starch she uses for meat. Here, we’re about to stir fry ground turkey. We add oil to a hot wok, then sizzle up some garlic before adding the meat.

She’s been perfecting her stir fry technique and classes for years, so if you are interested in tips, you should check her out. It’s like she’s thought of every detail to get her “wok stars” cooking as soon as they get home from class, even down to pre-seasoning the woks she sells. (I’ve helped her do this; it’s not as easy breezy as it sounds.) Here’s a video of her pineapple fried rice recipe. Yum!

One Response to “Chinese Stir Fry: Looking for a New Cut?”

  1. Eleanor Hoh says:

    Enjoyed getting to know you Roseanne, fun to have an award winning journalist assist in my class, then to hear your perspective, thanks for that.

    I like to call my style of cooking more wok cooking with an Asian flair rather than Chinese. It has bad associations with chop suey, deep fried, goopy sauces, there I’ve said it.

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