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What We’re Eating

Well, by now you may be wondering about the lack of food or cooking photos. Truth is cooking is well under way. When we are in the kitchen, it’s totally crazy. So crazy that I have not yet processed it on the blog yet. It’s kind of like Top Chef because you work VERY fast; some things go right, others wrong, and the teachers/”judges” taste your food! You actually prepare a tasting plate, just like on the show. Some of the previous night is always taken up preparing your “Order of Work” — a plan you’ll try to follow to get your meal done in time. This piece of paper is, no joke, my life line. Without it, I would work at a much different pace and likely never finish on time.

Anyway, since I’m still absorbing the new cooking schedule, I’ll just give you some other food photos. We were served a few meals early on from Ballymaloe (instead of made by us students), so here are those… Yum!


Breakfast (above) included homemade apple muesli and homemade raspberry muesli, perfect with a dollop of jersey cream and sprinkled with brown sugar.


Lunch was a sampling of local smoked fish and vegetables. Here is a closer look:


My favorite has got to be those lovely Ballycotton (coastal town near us) shrimp. Darina showed us how to eat them… by holding the shrimp upside down, pinching off the tail, removing the shell and slurping up the shimp. (Then, later getting the brain bits.) The taste is much more intense than the many shrimp I’ve had before. They’re very sweet and “the brain” tastes like the sea, but in a delicious way.


And for dessert, an almond pavlova with fresh raspberries (saw them in the gardens myself!) and lemony geranium leaves.


Okay, fine — there was a bit more for dessert! Also, apple-blackberry compote and those wedges are a kind of homemade vanilla ice cream. I’ll give out more info on these when we make them ourselves. Suddenly, I’m feeling full. Time for my “order of work”…

One Response to “What We’re Eating”

  1. Monisha says:

    Roseanne! Looks like you’re having tons of fun. This blog is making SO hungry.

    I just realized after seeing your fish dish (can I dive it into please?) why Darina looks so familiar to me. Darina taught Max and me how to scale, gut and fillet a fish the day Max came home with a whole rock cod after I had asked him to get fish at the farmer’s market. Wish it was in person, but we’d actually found her on youtube. 🙂

    Look forward to seeing the rest of your blog as it unfurls!

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