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Thirty Second Treat

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the French omelet Rory demonstrated and everyone made this week. It literally takes 30 seconds. In fact, on Rory’s request, we timed it in demo.

Rory showed us the technique of moving your spatula across the pan in a cross-like formation to get just the right texture and even cooking. You scramble your eggs; then put them in the pan. First, you move the pan away from you, then draw the spatula from the far end towards you (moving along the egg with it). Then, you repeat in the other directions. You move the pan towards you, and the spatula away. Then, you move the pan left (spatula moves to right) and right (spatula moves left.) When you’ve done that, you’re omelet is basically cooked, so you roll it off the pan. Rory did it in four rolls. You flip the omelet away from you with the spatula, and then turn the pan over onto the plate.


So simple and delicious – also because the eggs here are great. The key is to make sure the pan is hot enough and to use butter. Rory used clarified butter (very easy to make your own). He said oil works too, but makes the outside of the omelet harder, whereas with butter, it stays nice and soft.

I love working with eggs. Fun to crack, fun to separate into yolk and whites, fun to scramble, fun to whisk into meringue, and totally fun to make omelets. Who’s coming over for brunch when I get back?

2 Responses to “Thirty Second Treat”

  1. jazzy j says:

    i will!!!

    my dad taught me this technique when i was a kid, so i just thought that was how omelets were made!

  2. divya says:

    MEEEEE!!! (if I can fit on a plane 😉

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