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The Good Earth

The gardens at Ballymaloe are AMAZING. And what’s more, we get a chance to help with the gardening, even getting a little patch of our own if we want. (!!!) Darina took us on a tour of the gardens and emphasized that soil is like gold. Good food comes¬† from good soil.


We help pick herbs for the food we cook and later,  get tested on deciphering a lot of what grown in the Ballymaloe gardens. So neat because it means that wandering through the gardens and really looking and smelling our findings will actually help us exam time!


Tim Allen took us through the greenhouse and talked to us about planting. Take a look at those zucchini blossoms (which here, they call courgette)! IMG_1050

Then, we each got to plant a bit of onion of our own.


Our garden tour was interrupted by the cows coming around the bend…


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  1. Monisha says:

    were the onions covered like that to keep in the heat? our green def do not look that good!

  2. Monisha says:


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