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Squash and Fowl

Just wanted to give you a quick update before I take a long nap! Our schedule changed this week, so we’ve been cooking more than usual. Here are some of the newly harvested pumpkins, to give you a sense of the season.



This of course means we are cooking with more root vegetables. We have made a Thai spicy soup that includes butternut squash. I made some parsnip crisps. You can see my strips of parsnip drying here before I deep-fry them.


Also, we were shown a variety of game (kind of shocking to walk into demo and see a bunch of dead birds lying on the table!). I cooked a guinea fowl this week (also, my first successful cake!, a French omelet, and my first non-basic soda bread, seen here). This brown soda bread is basically a circle that is divided into four parts. When you bake it, you make a cross, kind of like a blessing. (Darina said in the old days, they would sprinkle Holy Water on bread, too.) Just before popping it into the oven, you make little incisions in each quadrant. This is “to let the fairies out” — another old Irish legend. When the teachers do their grading they break off one of the sections, to see the texture inside, which is why my bread is broken up here.


And here’s the game:

We were even shown how to de-feather and singe the birds and then gut them (though this won’t be on the exam…).


Now, to sleep.

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