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Seaweed pudding?!


Probably the most exciting part of the foraging course was visiting the seaside at Ballyandreen. Here we foraged for mussels, basically just plucked them off rocks and searched for a particular seaweed.


Darina talked about the most amazing wonderfood, a seaweed known as carrageen. According to Darina, its loaded with vitamins, helps our metabolism work at its best and is used by jockeys to give them strength without adding weight. Also, she says that racehorse and greyhound owners have been known to give carageen to their animals for extra speed. It has natural gelatin and adds body to soups, stews, and jams.


The Irish women I was with remembered their grandmother using carrageen! They said she would just leave it out to dry and when it turned white (instead of red), she would crinkle it up and add it to salads and soups.


In the foraging course, Darina made a lovely white carrageen moss pudding out of it with milk, vanilla, sugar and egg. Sweet and smooth — a great way to get your seaweed!!

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