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I’m taking suggestions on what to do with my recent haul of…. well, let me give you the plant first…

Any ideas?

How about now?

That’s right, jerusalem artichokes (also called sunchokes)! During a recent Tim Allen gardening class, we gathered root vegetables.

Here he is sorting through potatoes (which I also have a lot of) and he threw in some parsnips as well. Speaking of gardening, did I mention that I have been growing salad and pea shoots?

I picked a bunch from my stash recently (pea shoots on left, mixed salad on right) and had them as part of my dinner. As I mentioned before, salad grown in the Ballymaloe gardens is amazing — my mix has some rocket (arugula) as well as some other leaves grown here, like mizuna and mibuna. Can you tell I got all my herbs and salad leaves correct on my mid-term? Thank you, thank you.

I’m taking suggestions on what I should make with my jerusalem artichokes and potatoes. I tasted a delicious jerusalem artichoke soup here, but I don’t feel like making soup for some reason… If you have ideas, send them my way!

3 Responses to “Rooted”

  1. jazzy j says:

    rosie! i love your blog. i have only made jerusalem artichokes a few times, but i LOVE time! one time they were amazing sliced thick and seared in a super hot pan with lemon, salt, and olive oil. can’t go wrong with simple!

  2. Alli says:

    Nice! I’m all about jerusalem artichokes. My favorite is thick slices, seared with butter/olive oil and some garlic and sage thrown in at the end. They have such a nice sweetness to them.

  3. doug rosennbloom says:

    Puree. Samantha and I once had a sunchoke puree at Quinones in Atlanta that was awesome. Set on top of the puree was either fish or pork…but the sunchokes were the standout.

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