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Oats Reconsidered

Mark Bittman takes on McDonald’s oatmeal offerings today. He writes, “oats are easy to grow in almost any non-extreme climate and, minimally processed, they’re profoundly nourishing, inexpensive and ridiculously easy to cook. They can even be eaten raw…”

Immediately, I thought of (and plan on making tomorrow morning) some of the fresh muesli I tasted my first week at Ballymaloe. It’s so simple. You just take a few tablespoons of rolled oats and soak them in twice as much water for ten to fifteen minutes. (So, 3 tablespoons oats would require six tablespoons water). Then, you add some fruit — for example, mashed up raspberries or strawberries, or grated eating apple. You mix it all up with a smidge of honey (depending on how sweet your fruit is), and there’s breakfast.

At Ballymaloe, of course you would have to add fresh cream and brown sugar, but you get the idea.

Of course, oatmeal/porridge works, too.

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