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More Firsts

My first *run in Ireland brought me to the beach. Gray and cold, but with that crisp kind of air that wakes you up.


Before I left Minneapolis, I interviewed some young farmers, some of whom talked about how they love how tangible farming is — that you really see where your work went; you can hold, and smell and eat what you grew. I think they are probably on to something. Just that there is something really great about how real something is if you can touch it.

Here’s what I was trying to grasp:

* run = run for a minute, then dodge oncoming speeding country road traffic.

One Response to “More Firsts”

  1. Joylynn says:

    This looks amazing, Roseanne! I planted my first garden this year. I’m growing peas, beans, cucumbers, corn, onions and tons of radishes. I also planted an herb garden. Love digging my hands into the dirt and holding the fruits or veggies of my labor in my hand.

    Thanks for writing this blog! I’m definitely going to read it often, though I will likely be more of a lurker than a commenter in the future since Miss Sylvie keeps me busy all day.

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