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Lunch, briefly.

One more note on my day of foraging: lunch. We were treated to a quick and easy lunch of pizza and salad. Take a look… the pizza was made in a wood-burning oven on the Ballymaloe grounds (pizzas are made every Sat. and there is an optional sign-up you can do to learn how to make them then). It had housemade bresaola (will save photos of pigs for later), lemon, sea salt, olive oil, and watercress (from the garden, of course).


Here’s the salad… do you recognize anything in particular?


Hopefully, you recognize the nasturium, the bright orange edible flower. It’s supposedly high in anti-oxidants. Here’s a refresher photo for you (from the gardens):

Last, but not least, we drank this:

Looks like a normal pitcher of water, no? Well, it’s actually water that has been flavored with elderberry cordial. It had a slight grape-y flavor, but light, so it wasn’t like drinking candy. We also drank some sloe gin, which is reminiscent of sherry or port. It’s bright red, quite strong, and you drink it out of tiny shot glasses.

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  1. samantha says:

    This looks amazing! Your lunch, your classes, and you!

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