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Kumquat Compote: Little Gem of a Recipe

It’s been almost a whole year since I came back from Ballymaloe, which had me thinking about do-overs. One recipe that I totally fumbled over during my practical final was what Darina called “a little gem of a recipe”. It’s kumquat compote– and I admit it; I overcooked it. Too many pots on the stove demanding my attention, and my little (neglected) compote became thick and hard. Too bad, because it’s actually a super-simple recipe. All you need is water, sugar, and kumquats.

When I was able to get my hands a grocery bag full of kumquats, of course I had to give it another go. You remove the seeds and then slice the kumquats – usually into about four or five thin rounds. You put them in a pot with water and sugar and cook them gently.

I had mine with homemade yogurt (yum!) – but it also goes well with goat cheese or even as a side that will brighten up a pork or ham dish. Don’t be misled by this yin yang-like photo. Just a spoonful of compote goes a long way. It’s packed with flavor — sweet, but with just the right amount of citrus-y kick.

A gem indeed.

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