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Just Desserts

Lately, I’ve been making more desserts. This is my carrot cake, moist because I smothered it in a glaze when it was still warm out of the oven. Then, I topped it with cream cheese icing and decorated with candied peel and toasted almonds and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Also, I’ve made tartlets, like this raspberry one:

Or these:

Or all of these!!

There’s a red currant glaze on these and each is filled with pastry cream mixed with a little whipped cream, and the type of pastry is pate sucree. I used red currant glaze because I was dealing with mostly red fruit. However, if you use peeled grapes or yellow fruit like apricots or tangerines, the suggestion is to use apricot glaze (basically heat up apricot jam and add a a little water and lemon juice, then sieve the mixture.)

5 Responses to “Just Desserts”

  1. The Sista' says:

    Wow – these look incredible. Just out of curiosity – what happens to all the dishes you create? Do they all get eaten? And if so, … by whom?

  2. Diane C. says:

    And the follow up question: how do you resist eating everything as you’re creating? Everything looks so yummy…

  3. jazzy j says:

    i need a raspberry tart, stat!

  4. Rosie says:

    Ha ha ha. I actually did not eat any of these tarts (except for the tasting plate one I prepared for my teacher). We make a tasting plate to get graded on and then put the rest out for lunch. We eat lunch in a huge dining room en masse and often have guests join us (personal guests and guest speakers and visitors to the school). Being around people who love to cook and offer me food usually means I get enough to eat, so don’t overstuff (at least at lunch). Especially now with everyone making so many breads, I get offered brioche or a scone nearly every day. Yesterday and today, I was offered crepes!

  5. Leela says:

    Were you a food stylist in your past life, Rosie? Some of these photos are just as delectable as the food! Can I fly over and eat the carrot cake, or is it too late? Uncle Tom’s favorite cake is carrot cake. I think he might want to, um, try your recipe sometime!

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