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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m off to celebrate with some friends, but thought I would leave you with at least a few Ballymaloe photos. Word on the street is that Darina is in NYC today and will be promoting her Forgotten Skills book on QVC. (We got our choice of Allen books as our farewell present from the cookery school and this is the one I chose.) She’s also been spotted on Bobby Flay’s Ireland special which airs on the Food Network today. I like this photo because Darina is poised with one hand in the future (her smartphone…While we were at the school, she mentioned being quite happy to figure out how to use this better. The next gadget she seemed excited about was the flipcam…) and one hand foraging on the Ballymaloe grounds (I think she’s holding a fresh chestnut).

Enjoy the day. Here is my favorite spot at Ballymaloe — the herb garden. Each section has a variety of herbs and greens growing in it.

Oh and if you are interested in celebrating by cooking something Irish, perhaps you could try brown soda bread. Here’s an easy recipe.

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