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Boniato and other Florida Roots

We all know Florida is full of citrus fruit, but I was at the store and thought I should show you some of the many root vegetables available over here as well. There’s malanga, which is similar to taro, and I’ve heard makes great chips when deep-fried.

There’s a variety of sweet potatoes (and some coconuts, of course) —

in particular, I grew up eating boniato. It has white flesh, but tastes sweet. Not quite like an orange sweet potato though, because it is drier and has a milder sweetness level. We loved eating these and they were always pretty cheap. Just consulted my handy ingredients book, which also mentions that the flesh of the boniato has a “pleasing fluffy texture” that bakes and mashes well. (We just used to microwave it — eek!)

Here’s a Michelle Bernstein recipe I may try… for a boniato mash.

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