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Field Trip, Part 2

Getting a day to wander around and chat with folks was a much-needed break from our routine. Of course, life at Ballymaloe doesn’t feel as crazed as it was in the first week. The Order of Work is no longer a lifeline, but a quick fifteen minute review of the recipes. It still feels like we have lived here longer than we really have. Cleaning duties can sometimes run extremely long, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of extra cooking duties like making lemonade or baking an extra loaf of bread for lunch.

Some other highlights of the field trip were the break we took to have tea and cake. Rory cut up everyone’s cakes (including mine) and we had a low-key time. I think it may have been the only time since the very first day that I’ve seen the whole Ballymaloe crew together… not in their chef’s whites!

We also visited two markets — the Thursday market at Mahon Point:


And Cork’s famed English Market:



Rory pointed out that its revival has in part been due to all the offal available and the immigrant communities that know how to use all those bits and pieces.


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