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Dreaming of Floating Islands

I seem to not be able to give up this poaching subject, just realizing yet another dish to show you. Now, I’ve never made this one, but have tasted Rory’s rendition of it: Ouefs a’la Naige. You’ve probably heard of them as floating islands. In either case, making them involves whisking up egg whites and sugar, then shaping the firm egg mixture into quenelles and poaching (yes, poaching!) them in a simmering milk and sugar mixture. You then lift them out delicately with a slotted spoon and serve them with crème anglaise or strawberry coulis or another similarly lovely accompaniment.

When I see food like this, Ballymaloe does seem like a bit of a dream. Luckily, there is always cooking to jog the memory (of both food and friends!) — and yes, I have been cooking a bunch. Sure, now there is a twist. For instance, in honor of Florida, my shortbread cookies look like this:

I served them with strawberry fool (just loved smashing up those strawberries). By the way, speaking of fruit — do remember, you can also poach fruit. We had such lovely poached plums and even poached quince with cloves. Aaaah, the memories! Scrumptious.

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