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Compost: Something Old and Something New

Of course, with the emphasis on good soil, we had to talk about compost. Darina told us about what we can recycle and what we feed the hens.


The hens did not know what to make of our group surrounding them. (But, as you can see, a closer-up shot. You know what that means…)

One neat aspect of Ballymaloe is how resourceful everyone is. When we juice oranges and lemons, for instance, we’re supposed to turn the fruit halves into firelighters or candy the peels. Empty plastic drink jugs are used to store stock. Nearly all peeling and extras are used in stock. The wrappers for butter (at least here in Ireland) are used kind of like parchment paper as a cover for sweating onions. Edible leaves and flowers are used in so many ways. Fig leaves go under cheese plates and marigold can go into salad. Who knew?

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