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A Breath of Fresh Air

Since we ate our Irish breakfasts instead of our usual heavy lunch, we actually ended up finishing cooking a bit early. My housemates and I were thrilled! Could we have a nap before demo, maybe clean up a bit, maybe take a walk in the gardens? The possibilities of an extra hour seemed endless.

But then we got word, that everyone was supposed to (suddenly) go to the beach. Darina wanted all the students to get some fresh air and forage for periwinkles. The wind was icy cold (at least to me!), but the situation, pretty hilarious.



We collected the periwinkles from under rocks

and put them in buckets.


I guess those black, fresh periwinkles don’t look that much different from the cooked ones (just boiled briefly):


Darina served these to us after demo during our tasting line. She inserted a pin into each periwinkle to pull out the cooked little creature from the shell.

Here’s some proof that I was there. Cheers!


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  1. The Sista' says:

    Love the picture of you Rosie. It captures you perfectly – same old Rose, I guess 🙂

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