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Roseanne Pereira loves stories. As a reporter, she has worked in public radio, print, and online — writing, recording, and blogging her way to reveal stories that would otherwise go unheard. Roseanne has studied writing and literature at Yale University and as part of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.

She hopes to continue to combine her interests in literature, human rights, and food. Stay tuned!

To contact Roseanne, send a note here.


Portraits of Three Young Farmers

Young Minnesota farmers on why they ended up in the field and what keeps them there.…

How September 11th Invaded Her Novel

An interview with Claire Messud, author of the award-winning novel, The Emperor’s Children.

Sydney Claxton and the Invention of Curvy Brat Buns

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI — It’s Father’s Day, 2010. I’m sitting in Connell’s Orchard shop chatting with 9-year-old Sydney Claxton, his…

The Tea Guy

Can you determine the type of tea you'll like by the type of cheese you eat, the apples you prefer, maybe even the beer you drink? Bill Waddington can.


Eddie Huang: That’s My Spaceship

I’ve decided to combine these food blog posts with why I love NY. The city inspires me every single week.…

Tricks of the Trade — More Downton

Just a quick note to point out a few intriguing culinary moments in last night’s Downton Abbey episode. First, deep…

Agrodolce…and more culinary tools

So, you know how I was mentioning how having the right tools is so important? I wanted to add something…

Why I Love Downton Abbey

You think I love Downton Abbey because of the drama. That I’m rooting for Anna and Bates. Or maybe because…